Bijou Theatre Productions is set to return to the Palace Theatre stage from Tuesday 13 to Friday 16 February with their latest production, the romantic comedy, Laying the Ghost by Simon Williams. Bijou uses local talent to direct their plays, giving them as much creative freedom as possible, including the choice of their preferred casting. This handpicked approach means a director can get the very best out of their cast and give every play a brilliant re-telling.

James McKenzie Thorpe, Bijou member and director of this production says: “When I was asked to direct a play for Bijou, I decided to do things the wrong way round. A director normally finds a play that appeals to them and then sets about assembling a cast. However, I knew there were people that I wanted to work with, and I set about finding a play that could show off their talents. The play I found happened coincidentally to be written by the same author as the last play I directed for the company. Double Death was a thriller while Laying the Ghost is an out and out comedy. What really links the two plays is the quality of the dialogue. It is fast paced and witty and at times hilarious”.

About the plot: It’s Margot Buchanan’s birthday and she isn’t particularly happy about it! Margot is a witty ex actress in a retirement home with her best friend who is also a retired performer, Freda. Freda says she can communicate with the dead but everyone things she’s just a bit batty. Margot’s ex-husband, Leo, has got into hot water with the tabloid press and people keep bringing it up when she’d rather forget all about him. On top of all this Margot’s day keeps being interrupted, firstly by an aspiring actress, Sadie, in her first lead role, then by Leo’s second wife, Lady Judy. Just when she thinks things can’t get any more complicated Leo himself arrives on the run from a pack of journalists. That’s when things take a turn to the supernatural!

Sarah Hemingway, Marketing and PR Executive at the Palace says, “We are delighted to welcome the Bijou cast back once again for another wonderful production, the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s”.

About Bijou Theatre Productions: Founded in 1955, Bijou has been creating professional quality productions in Paignton for almost 70 years. They produce four shows a year, exploring different genres and themes, ranging from comedy, farce, satire, classic and contemporary plays. They also stage their much-acclaimed summer-run of an Agatha Christie play each year, a firm favourite of Palace Theatre regular audiences, as well as entertaining new and returning visitors to the area.

To find out more and to book a ticket please visit the webpage or call the box office on 01803 665800 (normal opening hours, weekdays 11am-3pm). Pre-show dining is also available and must be booked in advance.

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