The art of producing stage cloths (backdrops) is one designed to take you to another place – a palace, a spooky wood or Cinderella’s kitchen. Over the years we have ended up storing around 50 of these, folded and stored in giant sacks, and with various clear-outs and reorganisations they have all got in a bit of a muddle.

January is a quiet month on the stage and so Clive Simmons, our Technical Manager, got some helpers in, fed them some tea and cakes and got each cloth laid out in Stage Left, photographed and catalogued. Thanks to Louis, Paula, Peter, Jojo, Alanna, Josh, Paul, Judith, Oscar, Sean, Phil and Sarah! ‘We did well – all cloths measured photographed and recorded’.

Most belong to Paignton Pantomime Productions but they are available for use and some have been in demand as backdrops for wedding ceremonies at the Palace. If you’re going to get married at the theatre you may as well add a bit of a story.

The Palace Theatre Paignton