We’re running a series of fun and interactive daytime classes starting on Wednesday 10 May, with support provided by Torbay Council’s Torbay on the Move and Back to Sport 2 grant funding initiative. The classes, led by Anne George of Stairway Coaching, will take place in Stage Left with the aim of helping improve strength, flexibility, balance and confidence using gentle exercises, stretches and breathing techniques. Each class is ideally suited to adults who are looking to ease back into physical activity after illness, recovering from surgery, with neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and for those with low mobility.

Sarah Hemingway, Marketing Executive at the Palace says “We are thrilled and grateful to Torbay Council for this latest round of funding which will enable us to run these essential health and wellbeing sessions which will benefit our local community”. 

Local fitness instructor, Anne invites you to spend an hour of enjoyable movement that will benefit both body and mind. Anne says “Stretching, breath work and moving our bodies gently to music is for everyone no matter what age or level of mobility as each exercise can be modified to suit. During Exercise-Easy sessions we release stress, express ourselves, smile, laugh, increase those happy endorphins and connect with others as our strength, balance, flexibility and cognitive functions all gradually improve. Yes it’s Exercise and it’s relaxing, enjoyable and Easy!”

There are four classes running from 12pm to 1pm on Wednesdays 10 May, 17 May, 24 May and 31 May. Booking in advance is required, and there is the option to come along to an individual session or to book for all four for maximum benefit. It is a Pay What You Can arrangement with suggested prices of £2 or £5. Please phone the box office, call in or book online today: Exercise-Easy with Anne George – Events in Paignton – The Palace Theatre Paignton

The Palace Theatre Paignton