Whilst we have really missed you, please don’t come to the theatre if you are feeling unwell or have any symptoms of Covid19.

Outside of the theatre we have an entry system with waiting spaces, so that we can let you into the auditorium individually or per group (less than 6).

Please wait at the door for us to let you through, and please do wear your mask at all times.  We will also have face coverings, but you will be sure that we are smiling at you as you arrive!

We will also take your temperature before you come into the building.  This is really quick and easy – we just point a hand-held scanner at your forehead.  We know it’s very different, but we will be doing our best to deliver our usual friendly service to you.

Please bring your e-ticket, but we will also have a guest list with your details which means you will not need to hand over a paper ticket

You will notice that some seats have been closed off, please do take the seat you have been allocated.  If you have any problems, please let us know and we will deal with this once the audience is seated.

There is a queuing system for the toilets, please make sure that your way is clear before you move down or up the stairs.  There are hand sanitisers at the entry to the auditorium and around the theatre for your use.

The bar will not be open, but we will provide an at seat service for your drinks and other refreshments, which you can order from us on arrival.

Please do try to pay by card at all times.

Most importantly, please do enjoy your visit, everything we are doing is for your safety and comfort. And we are so delighted to welcome you back to our theatre, we have all missed you.

What else do you need to know?

We have additional cleaning measures in place. Each event is individually managed to ensure that we assess the needs of each audience beforehand.  Our staff are fully trained and aware of their obligations in regard to your safe visit and we are on hand to answer any questions you may have before or during your visit.

The Palace Theatre Paignton