Herald Express Chief Reporter, Guy Henderson,  is well known to the team here at the Palace and we were all delighted with his latest column, reminiscing about happy times at the theatre.  Guy’s most recent visit was to see a Bijou Theatre Productions Thriller: ‘There was an audible gasp as ‘Snake in the Grass’ came to its thrilling conclusion. (The play was) very good indeed. Just three actors plus one disembodied ghostly voice, good lighting, a clever set and some well-aimed tennis balls.’

Guy’s visit brought back some fond Palace-related memories: ‘I do love the Palace Theatre, and it was agreeably full for the first night…As always it was full of familiar faces as Paignton put on its going-out clothes. Towns need places like the Palace, where all kinds of events happen.’

From his children’s’ own dramatic exploits to this summer’s Freddie Mercury event as part of the Paignton Regatta, is seems that there is no shortage of memories. Then there was Space Beacon Earth, Guy’s band that held regular rehearsals on the Palace stage. We’re not quite sure what decade this was but we’re doing everything we can to persuade Guy to stage a come-back tour.

Do please read the full article if you get a chance.

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