With our glass-free auditorium, we traditionally relied on single-use plastic cups so that audiences could enjoy a drink during the show but now the final curtain has closed on this plastic waste.  The Friends of the Palace Theatre have kindly purchased a set of high-quality, long-life re-useable plastic tumblers, reducing this waste to zero.

Here at the Palace we were delighted to win the Bronze award for Social Responsibility and Sustainable Tourism in the 2019 South Devon Tourism Awards in recognition of our efforts. With this lovely old Victorian building, sustainability can be challenging but there is still so much that we have been able to do:

  • online tickets reducing paper use
  • digital systems resulting in a largely paper-free administration
  • all cardboard, paper and glass is recycled
  • plastic straws are banned
  • tap water is free at the bar, reducing the use of bottled water
  • backstage water for performers is now in reusable glass bottles

All good news – and progress will continue.  Meanwhile it’s a big CHEERS to the Friends of the Palace Theatre for helping us to take this step.

The Palace Theatre Paignton