This one is a little bit of a cheat as, technically Issy isn’t a staff member but that didn’t stop her from being brilliant and winning the December staff member of the month.

Isabelle Roper joined the theatre team in December for a one-week work placement from Paignton Academy and proved to be a tremendous support working in the box office, collecting tickets, setting up the Christmas merchandise stall and generally being an excellent all-rounder.  She loved it so much that she came back during the panto to help out and became the youngest member of our follow spot team – those are the techies that point the spotlight onto the stars of the show (how do you think the evil baddie managed to look quite so devilishly red!). And, as if that wasn’t enough, she stayed each night to help the team clear up empty ice cream tubs and do a spot of vacuuming. Issy is keen on drama and we feel sure that she will be back at the theatre before too long.

We’re a small team of mostly part-timers that show tremendous enthusiasm for the theatre and so each month is it quite a challenge to choose who will win because they all go the extra mile – every day! Here are our most recent winners.

  • November 2018, Nicky McGowan for being on call at all hours when help was needed
  • October 2018, Heather Cullen for getting on stage and helping with Gazza’s auction of memorabilia
  • September 2018, Clive Simmons, for being a brilliant technical manager (on top of his day job as a paramedic)
  • August 2018, Stuart Crosscombe, for being keen, able and loads of fun.
  • July 2018, Julie Crosscombe, for being the Theatre’s biggest promoter.

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