We do have lovely audiences at the Palace and we offer a warm welcome to each and every one of them. Whatever the request, we do our very best to deliver.

It’s not often a customer asks us if they can sleep in our box office during the show, whether they can have some fresh water in a bowl to sip and whether we could tickle their tummy and stroke their ears now and again … when they are as beautiful as Poppy the Lhasa Apso, how could we resist?

Poppy’s owners were staying on a campsite where pets could not be left unattended, and they didn’t want to leave her behind whilst they were having a lovely night out.  They asked us if we could help and we were delighted to, offering our first pet sitting service, where a member of the team looked after Poppy throughout the performance.

We loved having her. She loved the theatre. And her owners were able to enjoy the fabulous Agatha Christie play ‘Black Coffee’ on our stage.

We also received a lovely review on TripAdvisor.  Take a bow (wow wow) team.

The Palace Theatre Paignton