There is so much amazing music out there and we are determined to showcase some of the very best here at the Palace. We are delighted to now have a new musical thread on offer thanks to David Walden (pictured) of Fougou Music. Fougou promotes live music – jazz, folk, soul and world music at various Devon venues and is working with us to bring some really interesting music acts to our stage.

David explains: ‘Having started with a jazz festival, I eventually started promoting music myself. Starting with jazz, which I still do at Fougou Jazz, but moving into the areas that also interest me, which could loosely be called, ‘not quite jazz’ . This is where jazz is in the mix with other genres, pushing at and puncturing the boundaries that separate the different types of music. These concerts at The Palace Theatre, Paignton are a journey around jazz folk, soul, world music, in fact any genre that crosses those boundaries and, in the process, creates something new and exciting.’

Our next Fougou Music concert on 17 May, features Talinka, a four-piece band that features the sensually warm and velvety vocals of Tal Atzmon along with her husband, the internationally acclaimed saxophonist, Gilad Atzmon. Talinka gives both Tali and Gilad the opportunity to explore musical areas distinct from the jazz he is normally associated with. The result is a sublime mix of folk, early music, jazz and tango, from a group of highly experienced musicians. Completing the quartet are Yaron Stavi on double bass and Jenni Bliss Bennett on Viola De Gamba, Violin, flute and voice. They are supported by local talent Harbottle and Jonas so we look forward to another evening of ‘not quite jazz’!

TALINKA: Tali Atzmon, Gilad Atzmon, Jenny Bliss Bennett and Yaron Stavi. London, 2017

We hope to see you there.

Deirdre (Director, Palace Theatre)

The Palace Theatre Paignton