The Story of the Beach Boys > 10 AUGUST

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The Long Mirror > 27 MAY

5 JUNE – 26 JULY >> A murder is announced

Bijou A Murder is Announced Agatha Christie

The Bootleg Shadows > 14 JULY


A few highlights!

The Long Mirror, 27 MAY: As a dramatist the prolific J. B. Priestley (An Inspector Calls) has never fallen from fashion but a number of his plays have been neglected. The Long Mirror [1940] is one of these.  Set in a Welsh guest house, over a few hours, the lives of three young people are radically changed. The Long Mirror is a powerful combination of strained personal relationships caught up in Priestley’s own fascination with the seeming tricks that time can play.
A Murder is Announced, 5 JUNE – 26 JULY: This is Christie at her best and also has the wonderful Miss Marple as the central character. An announcement in the local paper states the time and place where a murder is to occur. The interesting thing is that the victim is a stranger and not one of the many people who visit Miss Blacklock regularly or live in the house.

Nigel Risner, 15 JUNE: Nigel’s workshops and keynote speeches are results –oriented, challenging his listeners to expand their horizons, embrace the opportunities that await them and dare to dream of achievements which seemed impossible before.Nigel isn’t just a Motivational Speaker – he is a company turnaround specialist that will allow you to communicate like zoo keepers and inspire your team into action to have your best year ever.

The Bootleg Shadows, 14 JULYThe Bootleg Shadows perform a unique concert that encompasses the Shadows amazing career from 1960 up until the early 80s; a unique tribute that has audiences humming the tunes and doing the Shadows famous ‘walk’ long after they have left the theatre.